Are you interested in being part of Camp Rivercrest 2020 Summer Staff?

The ministry of Camp Rivercrest is dependent upon a summer staff that is committed to carrying out our mission. Summer staff have the incredibly meaningful responsibility of being a Christ-like example to campers of all ages. Camp Rivercrest expects our summer staff to live a life that honors God at all times, not just while camp is in session. Therefore, all applicants must exhibit the following:

  • An active, personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Christ-like love in all interactions with people

  • A positive attitude in all circumstances, regardless of fatigue or difficulty

  • A servant's heart, ready to serve wherever necessary

  • Discernment in expression of appearance and language

  • A willingness to adhere to Camp Rivercrest's summer staff agreement

We understand no one is perfect and the right people for these jobs will have flaws, but we desire our staff to be the highest quality for the immense task before them of making disciples for the Kingdom of God.

Check out our 2020 summer staff positions below!


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  4. Go down to the document center and click that tab

  5. Under the online forms you will see the summer staff applications

  6. Fill it out the appropriate form and submit!

We will contact you after we receive your completed application and reference forms!

For questions, please e-mail Emily at

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: We have opportunities for service learning throughout the summer in our Leadership Development Program.

Summer Staff positions:

The summer ministry team is responsible for leading groups of campers including building friendships, one-on-one interaction (in public spaces), activity leadership, and much more. This person will need to be an enthusiastic leader, sensitive listener, positive role model, servant, and friend to every kid in his or her charge. Must possess a mature and active faith in Christ and an ability to lead creative Bible studies. Need to have a love for, rapport with, and experience working with elementary through high school students and be assertive and disciplined. Must be in good health and prepared for a physically and emotionally challenging summer. The summer ministry team will rotate through counseling, activities, kitchen support, and other various camp areas.

The program ministry team is responsible for the facilitation and safety of the mini bike area, paintball area, high ropes, and other program areas. They are to ensure camper and staff safety and enforce the rules that Camp Rivercrest maintains. They must be assertive and not afraid to give directions. Should be able to create a fun environment and good rapport with kids. Must be willing to help with other areas as camp leadership assigns. They will be trained to run our challenge and ropes course activities and rotate through them. Experience with belaying, motorized bikes, or paintball is preferred but not required. Lifeguard certification also preferable, but not required. The program ministry team will rotate through activities, kitchen support, maintenance, and other various areas of camp as well. (Note, we are looking for the majority of our program team to be lifeguard certified)

In addition to the Program Ministry Team responsibilities above, lifeguard certified program ministry team members will lifeguard in the afternoons a few times a week. Applicants must have a current lifeguard certification by May 27, 2020 as well as a valid first aid CPR card less than a year old. In this role you will work under the head lifeguard.

HEAD LIFEGUARD (Must be 19+):
Must be a certified lifeguard. Should be able to maintain chemicals and high quality water as well as a clean pool area. Must be assertive and not be afraid to give directions. Responsible for creating a safe environment by making sure all safety standards are followed in the pool area. Should create a fun atmosphere and good rapport with kids. Must be flexible and responsibilities include working in other areas (program, kitchen, evening games, etc.) when needed.

This person will shoot video throughout each week of camp and edit raw footage down into an 8-10 minute, action-packed camper video that is shown to campers and parents at the end of each week. He/she will be responsible for photography every week and uploading photos daily. Must have significant related experience, technical aptitude, creative abilities, and rapport with kids. Should have experience with and a passion for videography. He/she must be self-motivated, an independent worker and enjoy working alone. This position may also help with the technical aspects of chapel services (run the sound system and power point projection, create an upbeat atmosphere, etc). May also be given other tasks from the leadership staff.

The Snack Shack Manager is responsible for operating and supervising the Snack Shack (camp store). Duties include operating and balancing a cash register, maintaining snack shack cards, selling food and other products, inventorying, ordering and picking up supplies, and supervising the staff assigned to you. Must build good rapport with campers and create a welcoming environment. Must have good customer service skills and be able to work efficiently under pressure. Other duties may be assigned by camp leadership.

The kitchen ministry team helps with various kitchen duties from food preparation, washing dishes, serving and cleaning up meals, to mopping the floors, and other assignments from the head or night cook. Must have a strong work ethic and be a dependable employee. Should be able to build a good rapport and establish appropriate boundaries with campers and LDP students. Should be a fast-learner and maintain a positive attitude. Enjoys serving others and taking care of the background work, but still appreciates interacting with campers.

OFFICE ASSISTANT (must be 19+):
The office assistant will work directly with our Guest Services Coordinator and help prepare the background work for summer camp function. He/she must have general office knowledge, ability to work independently, and good customer service skills. Responsibilities include: communicating with volunteers, guests, parents, campers, and other staff via email, phone, and/or face to face interactions; creating various reports using Ultra Camp, Excel, Word or other databases: and assisting the guest services coordinator with tasks such as cabin assignments, coordinating volunteers to help with registration, preparing camper T-shirts and water bottles, organize camper mail, and preparing DVDs and photo packages. He/she will need to operate office equipment such as computers, printers, copy machines, fax machine, and lamination. They keep the office area clean and organized and help other personnel when needed.