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In 1958 the district superintendent of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, the late Mr. C. R. Thomas, scanned the eastern Nebraska area with a group of pastors for the possible purchase of a camp property. They located a piece of ground on the south side of the Platte River about four miles Southwest of Fremont Nebraska.

In the early days, the sleeping quarters and all services were held in tents. Eventually, the different churches of the area were assigned individual projects, such as cabins or restrooms. The dining hall was built in the mid 60’s and was a district wide project.

In the early 70’s the chapel was built to replace the tent, taking three years to complete.

In the early 80’s the pool was put in, followed by the bathhouse in 1984.

In 2005 and 2006, two new state-of-the-art dorm-style lodges were built and are now nestled in the woods near the river.

In 2011, a complete remodel of the dining hall and kitchen was made to better serve the growing number of campers on a year-round basis.

God has done great things for over 50 years at Camp Rivercrest. He is sure to do many more great things in the 50 years to come. In fact, plans are being made for the next phase. If you’d like to know more, please email our Executive Director Andy Dykhouse at andyd@camprivercrest.org.

 Mission & Values


Our Mission:

Serving God through Christ centered camp and retreat experiences.

Our Core Values:

  • Growth in Christ

  • God's Word - The Bible is Truth and is our authority in living out life, and our aim is to share its message with campers.

  • Discipleship - We will follow Jesus' last command as He left his earthly ministry, "Go ye into all the world and make disciples."

  • Evangelism - We will always seek effective ways to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.