Financial Aid

Camp Rivercrest has established a financial aid fund from generous donations of individuals and churches in order to assist families of campers who need some financial assistance. Financial Aid is for individuals who would benefit from a summer camp experience at Rivercrest but would otherwise not be able to afford the camp fees due to financial hardship.

If, after you receive approval, you decline to accept the financial aid, please notify us in writing within 14 days of receiving the approval. You will receive a refund for the $99 deposit.


Please submit ALL of the following items in order to be considered for assistance:

  1. Completed Summer Camp online Registration form.

  2. Session Deposit of $99 for each child. Pay by check or money order if registering by mail, or by e-check or credit card if registering online.

  3. Completed Financial Aid form (see below).

Please allow up to 3 weeks to process your application. We will notify you by email with the results of your application.

Financial Aid Information Financial aid amounts typically range from $25 to $160 of session fees. Financial aid only applies to session fees and does not apply to session options such as the Airboat Ride, Paintball, or store deposits.

There are two ways to apply for a financial assistance:

  1. Online–Click here to access the online application (You must create an account before you complete the online application or if you already have an account sign in).

  2. Paper Form–Contact the camp office 402-628-6465 and we can send you a paper form.

Bring-a-Friend Discount

Bring a friend to Rivercrest who has never attended before and receive $65 off.

In order to qualify for the discount, the following restrictions apply:

  • You must be a returning camper to Rivercrest's summer camp program in order to qualify for the "Bring-a-Friend" discount. In order to qualify as "being brought by" a friend, you must be a new camper to Rivercrest.

  • All discounts must be approved by our office before they are applied to your account. Your account balance will not reflect the discount until it is approved. If it is (or is not) approved, you will receive an email stating such.

  • Each friend you bring must be registered for the same session as you.

  • Each friend must indicate that you are bringing them on their registration.

  • Each friend you bring cannot be used as a bring-a-friend by anyone else.

  • Each friend you bring will also receive $30 off.

  • Family members cannot be used as "friends.”

  • You cannot combine this discount with Family Discounts.

  • This discount does not apply to the Overnighter Camp session.

Family Discount

Families who send multiple children to camp can also receive a discount. One child must be paying full price and not receive any other discounts. All other children will receive a $50 discount each. This is not an automatic discount- you must check the family discount box on your reservation for your 2nd, 3rd and 4th child, etc. Please note: This discount will show up as "pending" on your confirmation until our office approves or disapproves it. (You will receive an email after this action occurs.)

Local Churches

Several churches have financial aid funds that assist kids in their congregation with the cost of camp. Please ask your church about camp financial aid. If your church does not already have a fund, encourage them to start one today!

Here are some ways that we have seen campers raise the money to attend camp:

  • Find a sponsor. Ask family, friends, and anyone else to sponsor a child for the week.

  • Sell camp gift certificates. Anyone can purchase a gift certificate in any amount to help you with the cost of camp.

  • Do a fundraiser. Have a car wash, babysit, rake leaves, mow lawns, shovel snow, have a garage sale. There are lots of ways to earn money! Be creative!

  • Save up! Start now to put away allowance or other money to pay for camp.

  • Sell something. What do you have that you no longer need? Consider selling it and using the money to pay for camp.