Rivercrest Our Mission

crossAt Camp Rivercrest we seek to provide outrageously fun, challenging, and memorable summer camps, retreats, and other events for people of all ages. Ultimately, we are about transforming lives. Our goal is to have a life-changing impact by creating opportunities for kids and adults to connect with their Creator God through His Word, His creation, creative teaching, or the example of a Godly leader.

Our Mission Statement

Serving God through Christ centered camp and retreat experiences

Our Core Values

Growth in Christ

God's Word - The Bible is Truth and is our authority in living out life, and our aim is to share its message with campers.

Discipleship - We will follow Jesus' last command as He left his earthly ministry, "Go ye into all the world and make disciples."

Evangelism -  We will always seek effective ways to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Service to Our Guests

Excellence - In every area of Camp, including our programs, facilities, communications, and work, we desire to honor Jesus by doing our best. We will strive for excellence in all that we do.

Integrity- Our desire is to be an example to our campers, parents, donors, volunteers, and community in upright living. As ambassadors to Christ it is essential that we maintain the highest levels of integrity and safety in all that we do.

Recreation and Fun- This is essential to a positive experience. We will seek to create a fun experience for all of our guests. 

An Effective Setting

Temporary Community- We will provide opportunities for our guests to strenghten relationships by building a sense of community while they are here.

Stewardship- We will seek to honor Christ by taking care of His creation and what He has entrusted to us.

Solitude-  We value and recognize the importance of getting away from the disctractions of life and reconnecting with our Creator.

Christian Camp and Conference Association

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